City Under Siege: The Black Rain

Abdur-Rashid Mwamba "City Under Siege"


In the 80's the nations capitol was bright and teeming with life, lustre and light, but it suddenly turned dark. Dark, gloomy and plagued by a burning hot "Black Rain".  As you journey deep into this "Crime Suspense-Thriller", with Washington D.C. as it's backdrop, you'll fall in love with young Quan who's charm, wit and fearless constitution will guide you through his world as a young, black american Muslim determined not to be engulfed by the perilous flames within a "City Under Siege".  

Quan was never impressed with the criminal element; infact, he'd been introduced to esoteric social fraternal brotherhood very young, starting with the boy scouts, then Jacques De Molay, The Junior Knights of Pythagoras and more. After Quan prodded by Jamillah Muhammad to attend his first live "Go-Go" (a form of funk music created by the one and only godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown, a groove that became the "heartbeat" of every true washingtonian), he would find himself flung into a murky river full of vipers and a nasty, vicious undercurrent, but he continued to dogpaddle and somehow managed to stay above water. No arrests, no hotballs lodged in his torso, and not one "senseless" slaying to his credit.

You may shrug and ask...where's the "suspense" and "thrill" in Quan's story if he in fact avoided so much? Well dear reader - that's just it - you will have to experience the saga through the eyes and voice of Quan, as you become enwrapped within the four quadrants of the City Under Siege, Phase One: The Black Rain. Hope you pack a bullet proof umbrella!


"The Black Rain is a masterfully done fictional piece, set in an era when D. C. was known for money, murder and mayhem. Articulately painted by an artist of many hats. A real page turner. I read the manuscript and I can't wait to see this novel converted into a movie."

- Mauri Saalakhan II, (D. C. Reads)

"This book was definitely crafted by a bonafide washingtonian, someone who saw the 80'ps in first person view. All of the minute details are pinpoint accurate, and the author skillfully injects spontaneous humor to ease the tension of suspense while priming one's mind for the thrill of the unknown. Lots of spins. Can't wait to see the T.V. series version. Hint, Hint. "

- Edward (E. B.) Hunter, (Eastgate Book Club)